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We at Franklin Auto Repair & Smog Center like to put our customer's needs first; therefore, here are a list of the most commonly asked questions. If you would like to learn more about us, click on the About Us page.

1. My car is making weird noises when I step on the gas pedal. Could my engine be going bad?

Well, there are a lot of parts around the engine like the alternator, power steering pump, AC compressor, or a defective drive belt that could be the cause of the problem. There is no definite answer. Come in for a check up!

2. My kids complain that the AC is not cold enough. Is there something wrong with my AC system?

On a hot day, not having AC is terrible. Usually, the AC system does not need any maintainence. If the AC system is not cold, it could be that it has a leak, defective compressor, electrical problem, or perhaps it needs a recharge.

3. Why does my brake pedal shake when I slow down the car?

Safety is very important. Your car may need a brake inspection, but most likely the brake rotor may need to be resurfaced or replaced.

4. My check engine light is on. Does it mean my car needs a tune up?

Nowadays, every car has a check engine light. The vehicle computer will perform a self diagnostic to see if there are any problems when the engine is running. If the check engine light is on, it means that the vehicle computer detects a problem. Your vehicle may need a computer diagonostic test to identify the problem.

5. My car just failed smog check. Why did my technician tell me my vehicle needs to be driven more?

Your car must have failed the OBD readiness. The car needs to be driven more to complete the OBD monitors. It sounds pretty simple, but some cars may be driven for more than 500 miles and still be unable to pass smog check. Your car may need a diagnostic test to determine what the problem could be.